Mount Shasta, located near the Oregon border in northern California, holds the distinction of being one of the world’s preeminent sacred mountains.


On a clear day, Mount Shasta can be seen from over 100 miles away (160 km). The mountain is one of the largest stratovolcanoes in the world, rising to an altitude of 14,179 feet (4321 meters)

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There are many tangible and intangible qualities which make a mountain sacred: Native Americans have observed Mount Shasta as a sacred mountain from time immemorial; they viewed the mountain and its surroundings as holy ground.

In the past, no one but medicine men or women climbed up the mountain beyond the tree line.

Mount Shasta is legendary for containing all kinds of local folklore about underground tunnels and ‘Hollow Earth’ type theories.


some of her qualities go beyond of any possible way to describe or read in the books.

This is why for true seekers of the lost Wisdom will be very beneficial to piligrimage to the area and spend time with the Guied-person choosen by the mountain itself. Perhaps Olga can be your gatekeeper to initiate you to the path to discover deep understaing about universe your own unique way.

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