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Ancient Shamanic wisdom, Mt Shasta Sacred sites & Herbal Remedies

Galactic Traveller by OLGA


Why Mt. Shasta…?

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Tea Ceremony

Olga has over 50 herbs, roots, barks, leaves, stems, and flowers to create most healing and magical yummy tea right on Nature for Galactic Traveller`s people. She blends and mixes intuitively and her tea will match exactly the energies of the tour, uplifting and purifying whole experience to a new level.

Many unique herbs come from Olga`s own Obsidian garden, right at the feet of Mt. Shasta Volcano, many wild harvested and sustainably collected from the private wildlands with permissions of Natives and Local landowners and Organic Biodynamic farms across Pacific Coast and inland. All teas are Naturally Sun/ Wind/ Air dried and ready to be shared for Ceremony, infused with Pure Spring Water from the Source.

Tea Ceremony with Olga is true Ceremony start with setting intentions, learning about herbs by awakening your own ability to listen to the Plants Wisdom, Light Language songs, Shamanic Drum and effortless, yet deep meditation.

Fire Ceremony


Conclude your Daytime Journey with the Sacred Fire Ceremony. Olga’s Fire is not your average camp warming fire.

Olga`s work very deeply and long time with Spirit of the Fire and she understand the importance of setting the right energies before Sacred Fire is started. Fire is very Potent and one of the most Powerful elegies to work with. Many people hold lots of fear and blockages in their bodies. Energies of the Fire+Shaman Drum will help to unlock doors and breaks walls inside your energetic bodies.

Olga is Certificate FireWalking Instructor and Shamanic Fire or Fire Walk can be added to your tour with Advance notice and serious commitment.

Shamanic Drum Journey & Voice Activation


Everything in the Universe is frequency. Everything is naturally vibrating and constantly resonates with each other.

Voice is one of the most powerful sound tools you can awake for yourself to active natural physical, mental and emotional healing. That's why many of us been blocked since early childhood to not using our voice as we should. Because that much Power in Your Voice to create and manifest the life you wish to create. Awakened Voice is the clear pathway to understating why you here on earth and what is your True Mission, your job here and now.

Since Ancient time Drum Medicine has been used for ceremonies and rituals because the sound of the drum affects directly brainwave rhythms and nerve system allow your body to start healing naturally and instantly.

Combination of both, plus the sound of Nature is like sharp obsidian arrow cutting through the crap and shit that no longer serving you!

Olga has many different techniques, rituals, and teachings of how to awake your voice to sing ancient light language sounds, shamanic medicine songs and more!


99% of the images in this site captured by Olga and Copyrighted