***PreOrder*** Mt. Shasta Pine Resin Salve

***PreOrder*** Mt. Shasta Pine Resin Salve


***PreOrder*** Will be made per request

Real Gold from the Tress! Pine resin is produced naturally by the tree when it’s needing protection and healing. Sap is the life-force of a tree and is incredibly cleansing and healing to the skin, not to mention packed full of natural fragrance.

 I only harvest a little bit from the tree if I see excess of the resin available. I never cut, make the tree to produce resin without it free will.

Mt. Shasta Pine Resin Salve perfect for muscles and stiff joints as well on chapped or windburned skin. It's brilliant for drawing out wood and glass splinters. Pine Resin is well known as a powerful anti-microbial.

I want to preserve as much as possible medicinal and magical properties the Sap, so this Resin in Unfiltered.

I infused Sap with olive oil for few months and than time is right on slow fire blended with local Mt. Shasta beeswax for thinness , olive oil, jojoba oil, coco and castor.

Steel Tin Cans (2 oz)

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