Mt. Shasta Mullein Herb

Mt. Shasta Mullein Herb


Mullein, Verbascum thapsus from Sacred grounds of Mt. Shasta.

There are many ways to communicate with this welcoming plant. You don't need to have any of the “ conditions” to enjoy this plant directly: drink as a tea, smoke or smudge when you wish. It is good for everyone and will give you a good sense of relaxation, warm energies, slightly sedative frequencies, and magical sweet dreams.

Metaphysically Mullein represents grounding, focus, and rejuvenation. Some Natives place this Medicine on hot rocks during Sweat Lodge ceremonies.

I enjoy Mullein as loose smudge over the charcoal tablet, as it is or in mixes with other herbs I have in hand. Very pleasant smell and a good deep feeling of protection and sense like home.

Since ancient time tea made of leaves been used to treat coughs, colds, bronchitis, sore and hoarse throats, chest colds, and many other respiratory problems. The leaves are high in mucilage and contain an immunosuppressant compound that softens and soothes skin, especially the mucous membranes, an inflamed throat, and irritated skin in general. You can also use this tea as a steam vapor for lung congestion by covering your head with a towel leaning over a big bowl of it for ten minutes.

A warm compress made of Mullein great for spasms or any pain in the body.

And of course, if you have any left you can try it as a hair rinse as mullein is rich in many vitamins that promote hair health and growth.

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